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About Friendship

For International Friendship Day, here is a hard-earned life lesson! And, to those who love the real me: thank you.

My Next Smile

I liked the me I was
When I was with you
You weren't yourself so
I guess it wasn't true

I wonder if most of life
Is misdirection
As we learn more of love
Through false connection

The truth about the game is
No matter how fun
Play all the right cards
Some hands can't be won

Retracing our pathways
I watch it all end
Here is my lesson:
To be my own friend

I still jump in freely
My heart on the line
Now you've flown away
My next smile is mine

Please do not use my poem without my permission. Thank you.

Lots of people are mistaken about friendship. I know, because I’m one of them. Because I thought to be a good friend was to gain a good friend.

Externally, friendship can be anything. I thought it was everything: kindness, common interests, attentiveness and generosity. Unconditional acceptance, perhaps. Love.

We learn to value love for love’s sake. Friendship for friendship’s sake. But even romantic relationships are not unconditionally loving, nor kind. Who teaches us what each is truly made of?

Externally, friendship may be many things. Lately, I suspect that a friendship can be defined by one thing. One internal requirement. I want to be honest with you; You want to be honest with me.

That’s it.

What lesson do you take away from My Next Smile?

Enjoy International Friendship Day! 💜🎶


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