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Secret Favorite Songs Of Our Favorite Demigods

A Riordanverse Playlist

My two greatest obsessions of 2022 have been music and Percy Jackson! What is my latest nerdy project?

(Secret) Favorite Albums!

I decided to out these warrior kids for their secret tracks! (Not necessarily guilty pleasures, but the songs they aren’t exactly proud to call favorites.) What exactly is the best music for monster-hunting?

Thalia Grace

Artemis provides endless music selections to her hunters! Yes, Thalia is punk. No, she doesn’t choose 3 Doors Down. She absolutely does not hum along to ‘Let Me Be Myself‘ or ‘Runaway‘. How dare you.


Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arrellano listens to…

Taylor Swift. Fearless. This is her me time. Get out.


Jason Grace listens to…

The Killers. Hot Fuss. Jason has memorized ‘Somebody Told Me‘. It plays on repeat in his head while he tries to empty his brain of stressful thoughts. There are so many.

(‘Another head aches’, indeed! Sorry, Jason!)


Frank Zhang listens to…

I Am…Sasha Fierce. Big emotions require Beyoncé! If you ask him, he will just blush and glare. Confidence-building is a process, okay?


Hazel Levesque

Leo once joked that children of Hades only like Emo music. Percy laughingly suggested “Death Cab For Cutie“. Frank found the music for her and, well, Hazel doesn’t want to admit she loved it.

(Ask Annabeth about an actual death cab – it’s a funny story!)


Annabeth Chase

Black Eyed Peas (The E.N.D.) songs take up most of Annabeth’s study playlist. Scientifically proven for demigod success!

(A literal party could not stop Annabeth when she’s hyperfocused on an idea.)


Percy Jackson

A school roommate left behind their Cake CD, ‘Pressure Chief‘, and Percy got to love the weird lyrics and slow-pop melodies.

(But, if Thalia asks, Green Day is The Best and Thalia Rulez!)


Nico Di Angelo

Nico doesn’t mind angst. But… Make Believe does not sound as angsty as these lyrics may seem! It’s perfect to cry a while or to sit in gloomy silence. (Future Nico probably graduates to ‘The Angel And The One‘. And ‘Hero‘. Feel better, Nico!)


Will Solace

Will’s secret rebellion is listening to Tokyo Police Club ‘Smith EP’ with his earbuds in while organizing the med bay. TPC is on Apollo’s list of Strictly Not Approved artists.

We support micro-rebellions!


Piper Mclean

Piper’s guilty pleasure is Britney Spears. She resisted pop music for years. Recently, the ‘Free Britney movement’ led to self-reflection. She decided patriarchy and ableism can suck it, and ‘Blackout‘ is feminist and genius!


Leo Valdez

Leo doesn’t really think about music. (Please don’t judge!) He’s been known to listen to his favorite movie soundtracks, like Transformers!

(He’s the one to talk to if you want your music to blast the loudest! Just remember to specify decibel preference.)


Can you imagine these kids on the Argo II chilling with headphones on? Or, at Camp Half-Blood or in New Rome? Hope you enjoyed snooping with me! I’m sure the demigods don’t mind… Anyway, we all have secret favorites! What’s yours and why?

Stay warm, stay safe, feel loved this winter!

Another Percy Jackson-themed playlist


4 thoughts on “Secret Favorite Songs Of Our Favorite Demigods

  1. This is such a creative and awesome idea! I love both Percy Jackson and music, so obviously, I absolutely adored this post! 🥰 And I think you’ve just managed to make me love Nico even more with his angsty-but-not-that-angsty-sounding music choices…

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